Our Team

Rosemary Atkinson

Food & Fellowship Coordinator

I joined Union Memorial in 1954 with my parents, Pinkney and Sara Howell and my her three sisters, Sara Howell Smalley, Olivia Howell Alexander (deceased) and Pinkie Howell Drayton.

I have chosen to continue to be a part of this faith community through the years and raised my own family here as well alongside my husband for two additional generations.

I have served as Church Administrative Board/Council Chair, Chair/Member of Finances, Leadership Steward/Servant since 1978, Sunday School Teacher, Coordinator of Vacation Bible School, Education Coordinator and current as the President of United Methodist Women.

My faith is that which has sustained me since 1953, when during a very stressful time in my life, my Grandmother sang “Lead me, Guide me and explained the meaning. It has been my mantra ever since.

My passion is ensuring that our children understand who Jesus Christ is, put their trust in him and begin to develop a strong foundation of the Church. It was called Catechism for me and is now known as Confirmation, which I lead for the children of our faith community.

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