The United Methodist Church Book of Discipline states in paragraph 247, Article 5 a and b, that each local church should elect a church historian to preserve the history of the congregation.  This church historian will serve as chairperson of the Committee on Records, Archives and History (CORAH).  

CORAH is determined to ensure that future generations will be able to access facts, pictures, programs, audio and video of the many great things God has done at Union Memorial.

The responsibilities of CORAH are to keep the historical records up to date; cooperate with the annual conference commission on archives and history; provide an annual report on the care of church records and historical materials to the charge conference; and also provide, with the pastor and the committee on records and history, if any, for the preservation of all local church records and historical materials no longer in current use.

Records and historical materials include all documents, minutes, journals, diaries, reports, letters, pamphlets, papers, manuscripts, maps, photographs, books, audiovisuals, sound recordings, magnetic or other tapes, or any other documentary material, regardless of form or characteristics, made or received pursuant to any provisions of the Discipline in connection with the transaction of church business by any local church of The United Methodist Church or any of its constituent predecessors.