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COngregational engagement


Here at Union Memorial, we are more than just a Sunday morning place where people go...we are a center for community revitalization - a hub where the generations meet from various walks of life and share their stories for the purpose of strengthening and encouraging one another for what's next.

We're so excited you're interested in learning more about who we are and count it a honor that you would allow us to be part of your next step!

The foundation


It's so important to know what you are getting yourself into as you begin to embark upon a journey.  At Union, we give individuals a chance to take their time to learn about our congregation, our denominational heritage and of course the faith that guides us.  This is done through New Members Classes for Adults and Confirmation for children who are in the 5th Grade or 6th Grade.


go deeper


As true disciples, we never really arrive. We recognize that we are a work in progress. Thus, our learning should be life long as we are in search of understanding of God's Word and how we are called to respond to it in light of the world and times in which we live.  We do this through spiritual formation by way of a variety of bible studies and life empowerment classes by way of in-house as well as externally sponsored workshops and seminars.


get involved


Regardless of your age, gender, socio-economic background, academic portfolio, political affiliation, sexual orientation or anything else you may think is so different from others you have encountered, we believe you are uniquely gifted.  There is plenty of room for you at this table and opportunity for your voice to add perspective to God's plan. Everyone has something to bring and so we wait with anticipation and excitement as you bring your talents, abilities and skills to be part of the mix!