What to Expect

Children & Youth

Our children and youth are not only our futures, they are our right now. Thus, the investment we make in the today must be intentional so they know they are loved, cared for and supported as they are developing into the next generation of faith leaders. We do this at Union Memorial by pouring into our children and youth weekly for Sunday School, on the 3rd Sunday of Every month for "KIDS, KIDS, KIDS Sunday" and through various other initiatives during the course of the year.


The very nature of a woman is wrapped up in the passion, courage, and wisdom she exudes as she embraces the world around her. It is fueled by her intimate relationship with God and the support of other women as they navigate the ups and downs of life. The way she nurtures and inspires others is key to the success of all humanity. At Union, we cultivate an atmosphere where this can take place in many ways, but especially through our United Methodist Women, which focuses on missions and through Women's Season, which focuses on faith development, the bond of sisterhood and increasing our resources for philanthropic endeavors.


It is not in his ability to be tough that makes people recognize a man's strength, but in his willingness to be vulnerable...admitting imperfection and constantly striving to improve self, his family, his community and the world at-large. As a man commits his heart, mind and spirt to a task, there is nothing that he cannot do with God. At Union, we cultivate an atmosphere where men can live this out without fear of being judged. We do this in many ways, but largely through our United Methodist Men and our Men's Season, which focuses on developing dedicated leaders that work for the good of everyone, engaging the next generation of young men in ways that build character and values and growing financial resources to broaden our reach.

Bible Study

God is so wide ranging is scope that there will always be more to learn. We believe every believer is a theologian, who ought to be actively studying God and sharing their findings through biblical interpretation, historical investigation, personal reflection and multi-disciplinary observation. At Union, we provide a variety of opportunities to do this from topical studies such as relationships, brokenness and determination or current event studies such as racial justice, the health care crisis and food scarcity to in depth searching of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation as we seek to understand God, ourselves and how we are called to be followers of Christ for such a time as now.

Worship & Arts

Worship is the work of the people! It is the gathering for communal release, following personal digestion of how individuals and communities experience God from one assembly to the next. We believe that we all fully embrace this divine encounter in a number of different ways and thus emphasize the infusing of a variety of art forms from instrumental to choral music, from dance to spoken word, from dramatic re-enactment to mime and more are means of grace that allow us to see, hear, smell, taste and feel God like never before. No worship experience should ever be the same!


The church that fails to exist beyond it's four walls, forsakes its responsibility to take the Gospel here, there and everywhere. Whether we are allowing our voices to be heard at City Hall in opposition to zoning regulations, protesting the injustice of police brutality in the streets of Baltimore, praying on corners ravaged by gun violence, providing women with toiletries to ensure healthy hygienic practices, clothing our children for the winter months or feeding them weekly, we believe we have an obligation to be our brother and sister's keeper

We Honor Our Veterans

On Veteran’s Day, we honor men and women who have served and sacrificed in one of America’s armed services. The holiday is also meant to highlight America’s quest for world peace and our nation’s desire for justice and...

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