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Sunday School

Sunday School occurs each week for our little one who are ages 2 and up! It is a chance for them to begin learning about who God is, who God is calling them to be as young believers and to see how these teaching connect to their participation in the world around them. They also are instructed on life, culture, history and essentially how to be a person of Godly character as they are growing-up.

Sunday School begins at 10:45 AM for all children and lasts one hour.  At the conclusion children are brought to the sanctuary to be part of the preaching moment and final portions of the worship worship experience.


In October 2019, Pastor J heard the voice of God speak clearly to him in the middle of the worship experience, following hearing a baby cry in the sanctuary. He expressed to the congregation that, "it had been an answer to the church's Lenten prayer focus, asking God to 'restore the generations to our church', back in April of that year." Pastor J implored every member to commit to filling the sanctuary with children for worship and being open to whatever that would require of them to make it happen. His words were, "Next Sunday, we are staging a kidnapping, [with parent consent] and bringing grandkids, great-grandkids, neighbor's children and even those who we didn't know along with their parents to church.

The following Sunday was a tremendous blessing even beyond what was expected. It also proved to be the birthing of "KIDS, KIDS, KIDS Sunday", which members had deemed to be so much of a success, it was decided not to be limited to the 5th Sunday of the month, which only comes around a few time a year, but to establish the 3rd Sunday of every month as an opportunity to allow our children to be not only be present in worship, bit to be fully part of the experience through participation in the welcome, reading of Scripture, morning prayer and other aspects of the service.

Additionally, members of the Children & Youth Focus Area met and began to design themed opportunities for the children to gather and have fun after worship. This saw the emergence of a fully transformed Social Hall to a carnival, Santa's workshop, city of love and more. This allows our children the chance to eat, play, and essentially see the church as a place of enjoyment as well as spiritual development.

Check out pictures from our inaugural KIDS KIDS KIDS Sunday by going clicking here to go to our gallery.



A program designed for Middle School age youth (11 – 13) to begin to develop and build a relationship with God. To help our youth learn about faith and God; to connect it to their own lives and relationships.  This is done through lessons, reading and hands on activities; visiting different denominations (Jewish Messianic Congregation, Catholic Church, Episcopal Church, Methodist Church (AME), and our Church) and learning about our Christian Heritage. The length of the program can be 6 – 15 weeks; 8 weeks or 37 weeks.   At the end of the program youth are given memento of confirmation to remind them of the experience and reinforce what they have learned.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

The summer brings opportunities for our children and youth to take a rest from the rigorous schedule of school 5 days per week and 6 hours a day, by kicking back and of course having fun. It is a much welcomed break for not only children, but also teachers. However, the one thing we can't afford to take a break from is God.

In 1894, a Sunday School teacher, who was all a public school educator by the name of D.T. Miles felt that she was limited by time constraints in teaching the Bible to children. Thus, she started a a daily bible school in the summer. Now more than 125 years later, churches around the globe gather together for a week, utilizing selected curriculum to foster sense of passion for Christian Education amongst not only children, but those who are young at heart as well.

Annually, we gather during the month of July to give our young people an opportunity to deepen their faith, make new friends and explore their talents and abilities. Registration open the last Sunday in May to get kids signed up for a fun-filled week of learning and growing together. Check back here soon for 2021's VBS curriculum and registration information.