It is in the moments where we lie there unable to move because of the trauma we have experience, unable to breathe because the air has literally been sucked out of us at the atmosphere around us, unaware of the impact that our fall has had on those around us and uncertain about whether or not we will live past this that we are reminded that the only reason we are still here is because there is something holding us up.

Often times we focus on the person we have become, but that person has evolved due to the circumstances of life. We forget that God gave us everything we needed to be successful in life. All we have to do is be reminded of the divine design that exists on our life.

Pastor J's final message in 2022. In spite of everything thing you think it appears you lost, you must recognize that it is often time what you gained that is the true testament to who you are and who you are getting ready to become.

Posture is defined as how you hold your body while standing, sitting or lying down. The reason we have found it difficult to move is because we have bad posture.

Here may be heart wrenching, mind-boggling, exhausting, and the worst of the worst, but that is only because you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing while you here. Here requires that you get in position!

When you are trying to find your place, the only thing that matters is where you are going and when you are trying to find your place the only destination that matters is better.

No matter what your age is we all go through phases from the moment we enter the world until the moment we depart. The key is figuring out what phase you are going through and then using the necessary tools to get on through it.