Dangers and Distractions of Summer

June 01, 2021

We might as well face it: Some summertime hazards seem to be here to stay. It is dangerous to ignore them, hoping they will go away. Here are some of these ailments and liabilities that seem to be with us every summer: 

  1. LOW TEMPERATURE – June, July and August frequently bring on astonishing temperature inversion. As the physical thermometer goes up, the spiritual thermometer goes down.
  2. OVERCROWDING – This problem occurs mainly on Sundays and weekends – overcrowding on the golf courses, lakes and highways. Overcrowding everywhere, except in church parking lots.
  3. SLEEPING SICKNESS – The summer variety of this illness has nothing to do with the tsetse fly or tropical Africa. The symptoms include drowsiness and laziness. The brain and backbone seem to be affected. This particular kind of sleeping sickness occurs mainly on Sunday mornings.
  4. SUNDAY AFTERNOON COMA – The hot summer weather seems to aggravate this condition. It keeps a person from attending Sunday evening worship.
  5. MIDWEEK AMNESIA – Warm weather apparently brings on a higher incidence of Wednesday Night Forgetfulness. Church members can’t remember the time and place of the midweek service.

Be on the alert to these perils in your home this summer. You alone can decide how you will use God’s good summertime.

                                                                                                                                                                 -Gapway Baptist Church

                                                                                                                                                                   Lakeland, FL.  

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