History’s Darkest Day and Brightest Day

April 01, 2021

A professor once asked a young man studying for the ministry what the cross of Christ meant to him. The student said, “Well, the cruel death of God’s Son, Jesus, was the most soul-shocking event imaginable. What could have been more heartless and evil than the crucifixion of Christ, the most holy person who ever lived? That had to be the darkest day in human history.”

“On the other hand, one has to consider what happened on the Sunday after his death on Friday. It is quite clear from eye-witness accounts that he arose from the dead and was recognized by his friends as the one they had called Lord. The Resurrection was such a soul-stirring and momentous event that the first Easter Sunday had to be the brightest and most joyous day in the history of the world.”

When he had finished, the professor said to him, “That is an excellent interpretation of the meaning of the cross. It was indeed a dark and hideous day when Christ was crucified. Yet that cross took on the symbol of salvation and hope when God raised Christ from the dead. Yes, Christians could say it was the brightest day in history.”

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