Out of the Mouths of Babes

June 01, 2021

A church in Tempe, Arizona brought a moving van and converted the inside to use as a stage. Each week several members take the truck to parks or lots where they perform brief dramas, conduct Bible lessons, teach Christian songs and crafts, lead the children in games, etc. Children are also given an opportunity to request prayers to be offered by the sponsoring church. 

At Sunday worship services the children‘s prayer requests are passed out to worshippers, who pray for the children and present their petitions to God during private devotions. Here are a few prayer requests asked on one occasion:

Dee Dee: Grandma Barbara has lung and bone cancer. Ask for God’s comfort.

Jessica: Thank God for the miracle he gave me last night. There was a shooting near my house, but I stayed safe.

Tyler: Pray that I might have some friends.

Isabel: Pray that my dad will stop having headaches.

Kristian: Pray that we don’t get evicted.

Jeriel: Pray for Mrs. Hamm. She can’t pay her rent.

Anonymous: Pray that I’ll be able to see my dad again.

Anonymous: Thank God for letting my grandma out of jail. Bless all the soldiers. Thanks for air to breathe.

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