Our Team

Cathy Harden

Church Administrator

The length of my membership at Union Memorial is 58 years and counting. I am a life-long member…Union Memorial chose me, and I decided to stay! #LoveMyChurch

The areas of Union I have served include the Music Ministry (42 years – Young Adult Choir, Gospel Choir, Sanctuary Choir, Mass Choir, Director of the Charles L. Johnson Ensemble, Director of Daughters of Judah, Founder of ViZion), President of the UMYF, the Young Adult Ushers, United Methodist Women, Beautification Committee, Evangelism Team, CORAH, Chair of Worship, Vacation Bible School, Outreach Ministry (Discipleship), UBC (Bible Study), Young Adult Ministry Mentor, Kitchen Committee, Young People’s Christian Crusade Music Coordinator, Church Council, Unified Board Member and Certified Lay Servant.

What is most meaningful to me is my relationship with Jesus the Christ.  The institution of the church can be challenging to navigate.  Without the love of Jesus and the guidance of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, my faith journey would not be what it has been and continues to be; it is one of the most important aspects of my life.

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