Our Team

Reada Nelson

President of the Flower Circle

Union Memorial United Methodist Church has been my “home church” all of my life (@60 years). I was confirmed under the tenure of Rev. N. B. Carrington. I actually was responsible for my parents joining the neighborhood church where their child attended Girl Scouts and Sunday School. As a young girl, I was a long-time member of the MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) and the chorale directed by Olivia Copeland- Griffin.

I was married by Rev. McGowan in 1968. I raised my three children in this church. During those years, I worked as an adult advisor for the Young Adult Ushers. At one point in time, I was secretary for the Church Council and served on SPRC. I am a long-time member and officer of the United Methodist Women and the Union Players. I assist with Bible School in the summer.

Currently, I am President of the Flower Circle and Leader for a team that is updating the church’s Policies and Procedures. Occasionally, I am seen in the kitchen or at the podium during worship services. Recently (2019 and 2020),  I Chaired/Co-Chaired Women’s Season. Usually, I am found in the background, helping to make our various activities successful.

I have visited various churches throughout my years, but Union Memorial remains my church because of the continuous ‘spiritual voyage’ I have experienced, and am still experiencing, along with my life-long friendships and connections. Although my faith is still deepening, I remain a “work-in-progress”! I will continue to support my church with my time, talents, gifts and prayers!!! To GOD be the Glory.

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